Patrick Thomas named Managing Director

by Daniel Slager

I am delighted to share that Patrick Thomas has been named Managing Director here at Milkweed Editions.

After beginning as an intern at Milkweed, Patrick was the Sales Associate when I came to work here in 2005. Patrick is a natural salesman, and he has always excelled in roles related to the promotion of our books. After I had been here a year or so, I took him on as Assistant Editor, and over a number of following years, he excelled in this role as well, eventually curating a distinctive list of books, and working with writers to develop manuscripts into books. More recently, he has also been building our budgets, directing content management, and helping me manage our business operations. In short, Patrick has many talents, and he has already made a significant contribution to Milkweed.

He is also a fine human being, highly committed to our organization’s mission and work, and to the writers we are publishing. This is a good day for Milkweed, and for Patrick. Please join me in congratulating him!

Patrick Thomas

Daniel Slager is the Publisher and CEO of Milkweed Editions.

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3 Responses to Patrick Thomas named Managing Director

  1. Paul Von Drasek says:

    Congratulations to Patrick, who has been a quick study, and a worthy representative from Milkweed to the world. These Minnesota interns seem to turn into quality executives. This kind of career development is a tribute to Milkweed, as well as to Patrick.

    Need any help with the filing?

  2. Rosalyn Thomas says:

    Congrats Patrick much love from Syracuse…your Grandmother is so proud of you.

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