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Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-57131-437-6
Pages: 96
Publish Date: March 2011
Genre: Poetry

The Nine Senses

BY Melissa Kwasny

In this groundbreaking fourth collection comprised of exquisitely crafted prose poems, Melissa Kwasny examines the world around her with the quiet and profound attention of a poet at the height of her powers. The questions that have informed much of Kwasny’s previous work—how to relate to the natural world in our time? what can we learn about being human from non-human forms of life?—find a new urgency in The Nine Senses, as image collides with image to produce a singular ecological and poetic vision, one that is often dire and surreal. Thematically rich and varied, touching on mortality, temporality, and eternity, this collection puts Kwasny on the forefront of American poetry, and asks the reader: how do we tie ourselves to the world when our minds are always someplace other than where we are?



Reading Novalis in Montana

Metaphoric, allusive, and richly layered, Reading Novalis in Montana is the breakout book of a poet in her prime.
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Intricate prose poems from Melissa Kwasny that explore sacred places through the ancient pictorgraphs and petroglyphs around her rural Montana home
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Editorial ReviewGoodreads Review

“To read the poems in Melissa Kwasny’s The Nine Senses is to enter a sensibility so finely tuned that each moment of the experience is achingly real. This is a startling and wonderful book.”

—Christopher Howell, author of Dreamless and Possible and Light’s Ladder

“Kwasny has written us a book of charms, in the old sense. A book to bind us to the world, and to each other.”

—Sarah Gridley, author of Weather Eye Open


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Melissa Kwasny

Melissa Kwasny has written many books of poems, including Reading Novalis in Montana and The Nine Senses, which contains a set of poems that won the Poetry Society of America's 2009 Cecil Hemley Award. She currently resides in Montana.

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