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Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-57131-324-9
Pages: 224
Publish Date: July 2011
Genre: Nonfiction

My Green Manifesto

Down the Charles River in Pursuit of a New Environmentalism

BY David Gessner

In My Green Manifesto, David Gessner embarks on a rough-and-tumble journey down Boston’s Charles River, searching for the soul of a new environmentalism. With a tragically leaky canoe, a broken cell phone, a cooler of beer, and the environmental planner Dan Driscoll in tow, Gessner grapples with the stereotype of the environmentalist as an overzealous, puritanical mess. But as Dan recounts his own story of transforming the famously polluted Charles into an urban haven for wildlife and wild people, the vision of a new sort of eco-champion begins to emerge: someone who falls in love with a forgotten space, and then fights like hell for it. Considering everything from Ed Abbey’s legacy to Jimmy Carter’s sweater, Gessner points toward a scrappy environmentalism that, despite all odds, just might change the world.

A spirited call to arms by a major figure on the vanguard of a new environmentalism.



The Tarball Chronicles

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The Tarball Chronicles

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Editorial ReviewGoodreads Review

"A wonderfully readable book. Gessner’s attempts to define the role of the new environmental warrior, both in terms of idealism and political practicality, are heartfelt and informed. [My Green Manifesto] is brave enough and intelligent enough to embrace technology as well as art, pure ideology as well as compromise, hope as well as despair, depression and paralysis as well as valor and joy."

Boston Globe

“For nature-writing enthusiasts, Gessner needs no introduction. His books and essays have in many ways redefined what it means to write about the natural world, coaxing the genre from a staid, sometimes wonky practice to one that is lively and often raucous.”

Washington Post

“A thought-provoking and at times even entertaining call to arms. Gessner realizes most people will never have the opportunity or the interest to visit the Amazon, witness the melting polar ice caps, or climb Kilimanjaro. So he keeps the ambitions on a much more accessible scale, urging readers to establish a real, pleasurable connection to a local space, its creatures and natural wonder.”

Miami Herald

"Raw and honest . . . there's a lilt in his jig that many will find invigorating."

Los Angeles Times

“Funny and inspiring . . . Gessner believes that committing to a lifelong environmental fight is an act of personal fulfillment. [My Green Manifesto] is an easy, pleasurable read, with an environmental message that . . . there is still transcendence to be found in the 'limited wild' of our own communities. So get out there, enjoy it, and fight for it before it's gone because, at least according to Gessner, this is the key to a better life.”

Publishers Weekly (STARRED review)

“An engaging book with a serious message.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Earthy and funny, frank and pragmatic. Gessner asserts that nature is necessary for our well-being, that 'the most important wilderness is the one closest to home,' and that effective environmentalism is rooted not in theory, renunciation, or gloom, but, rather, in love and wonder, even anger. Take a 'good walk,' he advises, and be willing to fight and hustle for the place you love.”

—Donna Seaman, Booklist


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David Gessner

A hands-in-the-dirt environmentalist and everyman ornithologist, David Gessner is a tireless voice of passion for the wild world and its creatures. In addition to writing eight books, he founded the literary journal Ecotone and essays regularly for OnEarth and many other esteemed magazines.

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