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Bookstore / Roundup

Celia Mattison – 09/22/2017

This month, Celia examines three works of fiction addressing the body horror of pregnancy and childbirth.

Bookstore / Roundup

Celia Mattison – 08/30/2017

This month, Celia recommends three books that discuss our pasts and how we memorialize them, and how we deal with places we’ve left behind.

Bookstore / Roundup

Celia Mattison – 04/26/2017

This month I picked three books I eyed for a while before finally picking up—ones I knew I would want to devote an entire, uninterrupted afternoon to read. Daley and I sometimes joke about how we aren't sure whether we like books or whether we are just so haunted by them we can't let them go. These are three I definitely enjoyed while reading but, more importantly, they are books that have been lodged in my brain for weeks, ones I find myself wanting to return to and talk about and share.