Poetry & Migration #8: Lauren Hunter

Poetry & Migration

Poetry & Migration #8: Lauren Hunter

Lauren Hunter — 04/27/2017

As part of "Because We Come From Everything: Poetry & Migration," the first formalized programming of the Poetry Coalition, Milkweed Editions, Coffee House Press, Graywolf Press, and Birds, LLC have partnered to curate a selection of poems on the theme of migration. A new poem will be distributed each Thursday in March and April, online and in Pocket Poem size at several Minneapolis and St. Paul independent bookstores.
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i am warm and powerful

this happens when i am between asleep
and you                    when my hair is wet
call me hurricane i answer to anything
these warm waters feed
my frenzy             be kind to me       it has
no bearing on your survival
put me in the car i need
constant motion                 i am a still
still thing             i need to be pressed

back inside my borders
everynight i come
with only these instructions
expect southern weather

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i am warm and powerful” from Human Achievements by Lauren Hunter. Copyright © 2017 by Lauren Hunter. Reprinted with the permission of Birds, LLC: Minneapolis, Minnesota; New York, New York; Raleigh, North Carolina. birdsllc.com

Lauren Hunter

Lauren Hunter is a poet, editor, and educator living in Durham, North Carolina. She received her MFA in poetry from The New School and is the managing editor for the experimental translation press Telephone. Lauren is the co-founder/curator of Electric Pumas, an occasional reading series/web presence interested in promoting multimedia art by women. Her chapbook, My Own Fires, was released by Brothel Books in 2011. Human Achievements (Birds, LLC) is her first book.