Mystery Date with a Book: Summer Reading


Mystery Date with a Book: Summer Reading

No algorithms will be used in the selection of this book, we promise!
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Are you searching for your next summer read? Look no further!

Our art director, Mary Austin Speaker, will select two collections of poems for you to read this summer! You don't know what you might love until you try it, so don't judge these books by their covers. Each book is hand-selected by a real human—no algorithms this time. Sign up now for just $25 (shipping is free)!

Would you rather read fiction, nonfiction, or a novel for young readers? We have those, too!



Mary Austin Speaker is the Art Director of Milkweed Editions. Before joining Milkweed's staff in 2017, Mary worked in New York trade publishing for ten years, managing the Ecco and Smithsonian imprints for HarperCollins Publishers and designing for Simon & Schuster.

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