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Young Readers
Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Henry Bunks escapes neighborhood bullies and a grim, overcrowded apartment building by spending hours exploring the canal near his Miami home. Then a split-second decision to stow away aboard the boat of an outlaw alligator hunter begins Henry’s...

Young Readers
John Armistead

The summer of 1964 begins calmly enough. But when civil rights workers come to a small Mississippi town and the Ku Klux Klan responds with intimidation and terrorism, the sultry days and nights are transformed into Freedom Summer. Soon three...

Parents Wanted
Young Readers
George Harrar

Andy Fleck doesn’t have much of a family. A kid with Attention Deficit Disorder, he can’t keep himself from challenging every limit that is set by his adoptive parents Jeff and Laurie. It’s easy to see that Andy is a good kid dealing with his own...

The Ocean Within
Young Readers
V.M. Caldwell

Elizabeth is the newest member of the big and boisterous Sheridan family. They try to make her feel at home, but Elizabeth knows from previous experience in foster homes that one day she’ll be sent away. Now all the Sheridan kids are headed to...

Young Readers
Laura E. Williams

Skinhead. Neo-Nazi. Lexi Jordan knows the names her friends use to talk about themselves, but she isn’t quite sure what they mean. She knows the tattoo on her head and her heavy boots are part of belonging—and Lexi wants to belong. But she begins...

Young Readers
Aileen Kilgore Henderson

Page Williams is leaving behind her dad and the only home she’s ever known, heading for Texas and Big Bend National Park. Page is reluctant and angry—but when she is greeted by her new schoolmates, a mountain lion named Carmencita, and a family...

The Dog with Golden Eyes
Young Readers
Frances Wilbur

Cassie has always wanted a dog, more than anything in the world, but her mother has always refused. Then, one day, her dream cautiously sniffs its way into her yard and into her life. But quickly Cassie learns that Toklata, as she names her new...