Editor's Circle

The Editor’s Circle


The Leadership Giving Program of Milkweed Editions

Thank you, Editor’s Circle members! Because of your generosity, debut authors see their first book published, readers discover amazing stories, and important voices are added to essential cultural conversations. In other words, you make great books happen. In appreciation for your transformative support, you gain access to authors, Milkweed’s unique publishing process, and the world of books. We thank you for your annual support of the press within the pages of one new book each year—selected for the group by our Publisher & CEO.

Editor’s Circle Spring Luncheon

Featuring author Alison Hawthorne Deming
May 2017  |  Open Book  |  Minneapolis, MN 

Editor’s Circle Selections
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Alex Lemon

Brain surgery; Rilke, Rodin, and the craters of the moon; monkeys stealing an egg outside a temple in Kathmandu; wildfires in southern California; a son born into a shadowy hospital room; love; joy. This is a fragmented exploration of what it...

J. Drew Lanham

Growing up on his family’s land in South Carolina, the author fell in love with the subtle beauties of the natural world around him—and grew up to be one of the lone black men in a predominantly white field. This memoir is a riveting exploration...

Medicine Walk
Richard Wagamese

When sixteen-year-old Franklin Starlight is summoned by his ailing father, Eldon, Franklin’s sense of duty clashes with the resentment he feels for his father’s many years of neglect and drinking. But when the two men set out together on one last...

Rafael de Grenade

Inundated by monsoon floods in the winter, baked dry in the summer, and filled with the deadliest animals in the world, Australia’s Stilwater Station seems an unlikely home for a cattle operation. But over the course of one season, a ragged crew...

David Rhodes

Home to a few hundred people yet absent from state maps, Words, Wisconsin, comes richly to life by way of an extraordinary cast of characters: a cantankerous retiree, a lifelong paraplegic, a former drifter, and many others. At once intimate and...

Editor’s Circle Chair

Mary Aamoth

Cornerstone Editor’s Circle Members

Lifetime support of $100,000+

Anonymous (1)  |  Emilie and Henry Buchwald  |  Mary Lee Dayton* (in remembrance)  |  Kathy and Mike Dougherty  |  Ellen Grace  |  Elizabeth and Edwin Hlavka  |  Constance and Daniel Kunin  |  Sheila C. Morgan  |  Chris and Jack Morrison  |  Margaret and Angus* Wurtele (in remembrance)

2017 Editor’s Circle Members

Annual support of $1,000+

Anonymous (1)  |  Mary Aamoth  |  Lynn Abrahamsen  |  Libby Andrus and Roby Thompson  |  Bill and Terry Ankeny  |  Brad and Marcia Ballinger  |  Keith and Mary Bednarowski  |  Barry Berg and Walter Tambor  |  Emilie and Henry Buchwald  |  Timothy and Tara Clark  |  Albert J. Colianni Jr. and Susan F. Colianni  |  Page and Jay Cowles  |  Cassie and Dan Cramer  |  Christopher and Katherine Crosby  |  Lisa Dalke and Kurt Bachmayer  |  Edward and Sherry Ann Dayton  |  Wendy Dayton  |  Veena Deo  |  Mary C. Dolan—The Longview Foundation  |  Beth and Kevin Dooley  |  Elizabeth Driscoll  |  Kirsten and Jack Driscoll  |  Peggy Driscoll and Rob Keeley  |  William Driscoll and Lisa Hoffman  |  Lisa Ferris and Kerry Marusich  |  Martha Gabbert  |  Charles and Barbara Geer  |  Daniel and Patricia Gerhan  |  Raeanna and Walter Gislason  |  Joanne and John Gordon  |  Geoff and Janny Gothro  |  Ellen Grace  |  John Gulla and Andrea Godbout  |  Richard Hall and Matt Nolan  |  Jayne and Al Hilde Jr.  |  Elizabeth and Edwin Hlavka  |  William and Cheryl Hogle  |  Harold and Peggy* Holden (in remembrance)  |  Jerry Irvin  |  Susan Kaufman and John Sullivan  |  Hart and Susan Kuller  |  Constance and Daniel Kunin  |  Chris Lawrence and Meghan McGrann  |  Donald and Elizabeth Leeper  |  Jim and Susan Lenfestey  |  Kathleen and Allen Lenzmeier  |  Adam and Maryann Lerner  |  Ross and Bridget Levin  |  Ann Litin and Claudio Hofstadter  |  Ann and Chris Malecek  |  Charles Marvin  |  Walter McCarthy and Clara Ueland  |  Robert and Vivian McDonald  |  Jorie and Keith Miller  |  Lucy and Bob Mitchell—The Longview Foundation  |  Ann and Alfred Moore  |  Kate Moos and Valerie Arganbright  |  Betsy Moran and Brian Johnson  |  Sheila C. Morgan  |  Chris and Jack Morrison  |  Helen Morrison  |  Kelly Morrison and John Willoughby  |  Matt Murphy and Maura Rockcastle  |  Carolyn and Bob Nelson  |  Robin B. Nelson  |  Wendy Nelson  |  Greg Page  |  Christopher Pearson and Amy Larson  |  Elizabeth Petrangelo and Michael Lundeby  |  Jörg and Angela Pierach  |  Patricia Ploetz  |  Janet Polli and Matt Ides  |  Margaret and Dan Preska  |  Pete Rainey  |  Melissa Raphan and Tom Rock Charitable Fund  |  Norman Rickeman and Kathy Murphy  |  Sandra Roe  |  Cheryl Ryland  |  Linda and Jesse Singh  |  Daniel Slager and Alyssa Polack  |  Stephen and Cynthia Snyder  |  Stephanie Sommer and Stephen Spencer  |  Sarah Stoesz and David Foster  |  Tracey Thayer Breazeale and Jeff Breazeale  |  Ruth Travis  |  Joanne Von Blon  |  Margot Walk  |  Cindy and Mark Welton  |  Eleanor and Fred Winston  |  Margaret and Angus* Wurtele (in remembrance)

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