Impact Report 2018

The Value of Independence
Impact Report 2018

The generosity of the Milkweed community made extraordinary opportunities possible in 2018.

Milkweed is an organization that serves writers. The publishing program you support is committed to giving each writer the time, financial support, artistic collaboration, and marketing muscle needed to realize the full potential of their book. Your generosity makes it posible for Milkweed to publish this way, to value the writer and their art above all else. Thank you! Among the seventeen books Milkweed published last year were eight by early career authors, of which two, Elizabeth Rush’s Rising and Jos Charles’s feeld, were finalists for the Pulitzer Prize. The established writers we published reached new heights—Michael Bazzett’s translation of the Mayan creation epic The Popol Vuh was heralded among the best poetry in 2018 by the New York Times, a film adaptation of the late Richard Wagamese’s Indian Horse (produced by Clint Eastwood) was released in Canada, and Ada Limón won the National Book Critics Circle Award for Poetry.

Our 2018 Authors
Looking To The Future

The sustaining support of the Milkweed community is building a lasting home for writers and investing in the future of independent publishing. Scroll down for a preview of what the future looks like at Milkweed Editions!

The Milkweed Fellowship

We look forward to welcoming the first Milkweed Fellow to our team in late 2019! This paid immersion program seeks to open the door to those historically underrepresented in publishing so they may advance, discover, and champion transformative literature. The fellowship is grounded in our belief that books can change the way we see the world, and that equity is essential to a vibrant, diverse, and empowered literary ecosystem.


This new series of world literature expands our publishing program to bring ancient, historical, and contemporary works from cultures around the world to American readers. Just as seedbanks protect biodiversity, this series protects cultural diversity—exposing readers to new, endangered, or forgotten ways of seeing or being in the world. Below are the first three books in the series!

Seedbank Titles
Michael Bazzett

The K’iche’ creation myth of The Popol Vuh is thousands of years old, one of the only epics indigenous to the Americas. By turns poetic and lucid, sinuous and accessible, this verse translation—the first of its kind, and the first in the...

Tim Robinson

From cartographer Tim Robinson comes the second title in the Seedbank series, a breathtakingly intimate exploration of one beloved place’s geography, ecology, and history. Footstep by footstep, moment...

Yuri Rytkheu

Nau’s greatest joy is to visit the sea, where whales gather every morning to gaily spout rainbows. Then, one day, she finds a man in the mist where a whale should be: Reu, who has taken human form out of his Great Love for her. This...

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