Visiting Hours at the Color Line

Visiting Hours at the Color Line
Visiting Hours at the Color Line (back cover)

Visiting Hours at the Color Line

“I am incapable of succinctly praising this poet’s immense talent.” —TERRANCE HAYES
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Often the most recognized, even brutal, events in American history are segregated by a politicized, racially divided “Color Line.” But how do we privately experience the most troubling features of American civilization? Where is the Color Line in the mind, in the body, between bodies, between human beings?

Selected for the National Poetry Series by Dan Beachy-Quick, Ed Pavlić’s Visiting Hours at the Color Line attempts to complicate this black and white, straight-line feature of our collective imagination, and to map its nonlinear, deeply colored timbres and hues. From daring prose poems to powerful free verse, Pavlić’s lines are musically infused, bearing tones of soul, R & B, and jazz. They link the influence of James Baldwin with a postmodern consciousness descended from Samuel Beckett, tracking the experiences of American characters through situations both mundane and momentous. The resulting poems are intense, ambitious, and psychological, making Visiting Hours at the Color Line a poetic tour de force.

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Ed Pavlić

Ed Pavlić is the author of Visiting Hours at the Coloring Line, winner of the 2013 National Poetry Series, and several other collections of poems and critical works. He has published essays, poems, fiction, and dramatic pieces in numerous magazines and journals and teaches English at the University of Georgia.

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