Arctic Refuge

Arctic Refuge: A Circle of Testimony

Arctic Refuge

A Circle of Testimony
An impassioned plea for the preservation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Area.
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Arctic Refuge began as an idea in January 2001, when Alaska residents Hank Lentfer and Carolyn Servid responded to proposals to drill in ANWR by sending a call to writers across the country. Just seven weeks later, the book was presented to Congress.

With contributions from President Jimmy Carter, Terry Tempest Williams, Bill McKibben, Wendell Berry, Scott Russell Sanders, wildlife biologists, members of the Gwich'in Nation—whose lives depend on the caribou—and many others, Arctic Refuge presents a range of perspectives on ANWR's place in our world and the issues surrounding our use of energy and public lands. Together, these essays serve as a testimony to wild places and offer a sustainable vision for our world. Over a decade later, Arctic Refuge remains relevant as not only a record of the movement that saved ANWR, but also as a record of writing that arises from political moments and makes a lasting difference.

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