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Parneshia Jones

Writing From Life with Parneshia Jones, Ross Ritchell,

The lines between "fact" and "fiction" are often blurred in literature, and the places where the two intersect can be both goldmine and minefield for writers. How do individual writers use life experiences in their work? Are some subject off-limits f...

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Beth Dooley

The Urban Farmer’s Almanac

The Urban Farmer’s Almanac, in its first trial run, is a live-performance written-for-radio variety show about raising food and living close to the ground in the city. Dan Chouinard is host, with a crop of guests bringing stories and first-hand how...

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Joni Tevis

Mentor Series Reading: Joni Tevis

Joni Tevis has been selected as a nonfiction mentor in Loft Literary Center's ongoing Mentor Series. She be discussing nonfiction and reading from her work with two emerging authors....

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