Minneapolis, MN – 10/04/2017

Milkweed Books presents Minneapolis-based author and artist Kelsey Oseid and What We See in the Stars (Ten Speed Press), her first book as both author and illustrator. Join us in the bookstore for a launch party and special showing of Kelsey's original artwork. 

Kelsey Oseid is an illustrator, painter, artist, and amateur naturalist who has illustrated a variety of children’s books and runs an online shop where she sells prints and original...

Fergus Falls, MN – 10/17/2017

As part of a special touring event, all of the 2017 Minnesota Book Award Winners will gather together at Minnesota State Community and Technical College at the Fergus Falls Campus to read from, discuss, and answer questions on their award-winning books. As a winner of the award for General Nonfiction, Shawn Otto will read from his latest book, The War on Science.

Athens, GA – 09/27/2017

Avid Bookshop presents author Alex Lemon in conversation with Sabrina Orah Mark for Lemon's latest book, Feverland: A Memoir in Shards

Chicago, IL – 10/19/2017

Alex Lemon will read from his lastest book, Feverland: A Memoir in Shards, at Unabridged Bookstore in Chicago, IL. 

Once You’ve Seen into Heaven, How Do You Forget That? On the Opioid Epidemic and I Know Your Kind

I saw the opiate epidemic start to swallow up my home. It worked quickly and indiscriminately. Each trip back was met with news of a different friend using, or in rehab, or dealing, or in jail, or worse. But it was only after a very specific moment that I became committed to writing this book, a moment of initial frustration within myself.


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