Joanna Higgins

Joanna Higgins

Joanna Higgins is the author of Waiting for the Queen: A Novel of Early America, a novel for young readers, as well as A Soldier’s Book, Dead Center, and The Importance of High Places, a collection of short stories. She received her PhD from SUNY-Binghampton, where she studied under John Gardner. She lives in upstate New York.

Books by Joanna Higgins

Young Readers
A Novel of Early America
Joanna Higgins

When Eugenie de La Roque and her family flee the French Revolution for the wilderness of Pennsylvania, Hannah Kimbrell is chosen to help prepare for their arrival—leading to an unlikely friendship between the aristocrat and the Quaker. This novel is a loving portrait of early America, and a reminder that true nobility is more than a royal title.

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