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Milkweed Editions
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Milkweed’s Purpose

Just as the common milkweed plant is the site of metamorphosis for monarch butterflies, Milkweed Editions seeks to be a site of metamorphosis in the literary ecosystem. We take risks on debut and experimental writers, we invest significant time and care in the editorial process, and we enable dynamic engagement between authors and readers. We operate as a nonprofit to pursue these ends without overbearing financial pressure. And yet, though profits aren’t our primary focus, helping our authors succeed certainly is. Just so, since our founding in 1980, we’ve published over 350 books of literary fiction, nonfiction, and poetry and now have over four million copies in circulation. We believe that literature has the potential to change the way we see the world, and that bringing new voices to essential conversations is the clearest path to ensuring a vibrant, diverse, and empowered future.


We invest the time and resources required to bring every book to its full artistic potential.


We work tirelessly to engage readers with authors and the powerful works they create.


We experiment with format, materials, and media to illuminate each work for the largest possible audience.


We believe great literature is world-changing, and we advocate for our authors and books to do just that.


We are dedicated to supporting a livable future and vibrant literary ecosystem.

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