Edited by US Poet Laureate Ada Limón

You Are Here: Poetry in the Natural World

Fall 2024 Catalog

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    Ada Limón
    Longlisted for for the Griffin Poetry Prize Longlisted for the Brooklyn Public Library Book Prize
    An astonishing collection about interconnectedness—between the human and nonhuman, ancestors and ourselves—from U.S. Poet Laureate Ada Limón.
    Ama Codjoe

    Ama Codjoe’s highly anticipated debut collection brings generous light to the inner dialogues of women as they bathe, create art, make and lose love. Each poem rises with the urgency of a fully awakened sensual life.

    Over a decade of transforming the way readers see and live in the world

    Celebrating Braiding Sweetgrass

    Featured Authors
    • Seedbank: a series of world literature

      Just as repositories around the world gather seeds in an effort to ensure biodiversity in the future, Milkweed gathers literature for our Seedbank series from diverse cultures that fosters conversation and reflection on our relationship to place and the more-than-human world. Learn more here. 

    • Multiverse: a series dedicated to different ways of languaging

      Curated by neurodivergent poet Chris Martin, and featuring a chorus of editorial voices, Multiverse primarily emerges from the practices and creativity of neurodivergent, autistic, neuroqueer, mad, nonspeaking, and disabled cultures. Learn more here. 

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