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Announcing Our Most Ambitious Book Tour Yet!

Milkweed Staff — 04/05/2018

Authors Amy and Dave Freeman came to us with a wild idea.

Even after months of traveling all across Minnesota sharing A Year in the Wilderness—their debut book which tells the story of the 366 days they spent living in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness—with thousands of readers, they weren’t ready to slow down. These two intrepid adventurers wanted to do even more to spread the word about this special place and the increasingly urgent threat it faces from proposed industrial mining.

Amy and Dave asked if we would support them in undertaking a two thousand-mile book tour by bicycle. The plan: to depart from the edge of the Wilderness in northern Minnesota and cycle through nine states, stopping at bookstores, libraries, community centers, and gear stores along the way to give over thirty book readings—and ending in Washington, DC more than two months later.

Wow. This takes the idea of transformative literature to a whole new level—how could we not say yes?

And now we’re inviting you to say “Yes!” too! We’re launching a Kickstarter to help get this tour off the ground. Join Milkweed Editions and the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters in supporting Amy, Dave, and this book/bike tour of epic proportions by backing the Pedal to DC tour!  

Learn more about Amy and Dave’s plans and check out the many rewards on offer over at our Kickstarter page!
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