Read This Next: Emerging Writers (July)

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Read This Next: Emerging Writers (July)

Milkweed Staff — 07/17/2017

During our Kickstarter campaign, one of the promises we made was to support emerging writers—those with just a debut or second book to their name. Emerging writers often struggle to reach readers in the marketplace because it favors guaranteed sales from proven authors, so we pledged to read, stock, and celebrate their books in part by devoting an entire section of Milkweed Books to their work. Our front display (the first thing you see when you walk in the door!) is dedicated to these important books, but that’s not the only place you can find them. Shelf talkers noting “Debut Author!” punctuate all our bookshelves and many also make their way to our staff recommendations shelf. These are a few books by emerging writers we are eager to share this month.

In Full Velvet
Jenny Johnson
Sarabande Books, 2017

Formally rigorous, beautiful poems whose discipline never constrains their lustiness and appetite for the natural world. Pair with The Argonauts for queer love precisely rendered in perfect lines buzzing with pleasure, intelligence, life. —Daley Farr, Bookseller & Events Coordinator
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Cook Korean!: A Comic Book with Recipes
Robin Ha
Ten Speed Press, 2016
Cookbook/Graphic Novel

This is a perfect menagerie of everything I love: family, traditions, cooking, humor, art, and easy every day recipes. —Berit Freed, Bookseller
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Daisy Johnson

Graywolf Press, 2017

Johnson writes about the division separating civilization from the natural world in this folkloric collection, and what happens when the line begins to blur . . . —Celia Mattison, Bookseller & Warehouse Manager
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Anything that Moves: Renegade Chefs, Fearless Eaters, and the Making of a New American Food Culture
Dana Goodyear

Riverhead Books, 2013

This is smart food writing without any of Bourdain's bravado or Zimmern's "look at me eat weird things" vibe. As our country and culinary tastes change dramatically, Goodyear's writing becomes more relevant. —Hans Weyandt, Bookstore Manager
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Julie Buntin

Henry Holt & Company, 2017

Stellar female friendship story that is equal parts heartbreaking, comic, and relentless. Marlena's small town encapsulates it all: love, gender, class conflict, addiction, identity, and memory. —Annie Harvieux, Bookseller & Editorial Assistant
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