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What Matters Most | Ep. 2 Su Hwang

Milkweed Staff — 04/30/2020
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Welcome to the second episode of What Matters Most, a new video series by and for the Milkweed community. This week, poet Su Hwang invites us into her home and reflects on the ideas of interconnectedness and earthly wisdom that are comforting to her. Su also asks us to reflect on how we can sustain ourselves and each other through this difficult time—finding solace in the words of fellow Milkweed author, Robin Wall Kimmerer.

“When I think about what matters most and going forward—because there’s no going back to the old ways,—is the idea of “all flourishing is mutual,” a line from my personal bible, Braiding Sweetgrass, by Robin Wall Kimmerer.”

To make the occasion all the more special, this past Wednesday, Su was awarded a 2020 Minnesota Book Award for her debut collection of poems, Bodega, which we published last October! Happy watching and happy reading! For a special behind-the-scenes tour of Su’s indoor garden tune in here.

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