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What Matters Most | Ep. 3 Margaret Renkl

Milkweed Staff — 05/07/2020
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For the third episode of What Matters Most, author Margaret Renkl joins us from her backyard and gives us a personal tour of her “pollinator garden,” where she has intentionally planted seeds that serve as refuge and fuel for the bees and butterflies who traverse her home in middle-Tennessee.

“It’s really a great comfort—if we had to be locked in our houses anyway— that it happened in the springtime when there is so much new life and that is always a reminder I think, that things will go on.”

In Margaret’s garden we find luscious patches of butterfly weed, bee balm, daisies, Joe Pye weed, and catmint—“I’m gonna give you a sense of just how fun it is to plant not necessarily for what’s the prettiest flower but what’s the one the bees like best,” she beckons. Margaret is the author of Late Migrations: A Natural History of Love and Loss, published by Milkweed Editions last summer.

Just like the strain of milkweed in Margaret’s garden is the site of metamorphosis for monarch butterflies, Milkweed Editions seeks to be a site of metamorphosis in the literary ecosystem. We hope you’ll join us by giving a sustaining gift today.