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What Matters Most | Ep. 4 Beth Dooley

Milkweed Staff — 05/13/2020
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Every Monday, author Beth Dooley and her son Kip have a standing zoom call. On their call, they cook a meal together, without a recipe, using only whatever staples they have on hand. They also talk—a lot!—about limits (real and metaphorical), substitutions, and what it means to ‘make do’ without feeling deprived. In Beth’s words, “it’s not really about being optimistic; it’s about living within our means and allowing what we DO have to spark creativity.” They’ve dubbed their meeting “Bare Bones Cooking,” which they both agree has become their mantra over the last two months. The two are actually planning to launch a Bare Bones newsletter to share their conversations and discoveries with their community! You can follow along by subscribing here!

A joyful snippet of their conversation makes it into this week’s episode of What Matters Most, interlaced with Beth’s narration of their weekly ritual. In this episode, we find the two making browned butter, a simple essential that can add depth to a number of dishes, like sautéed vegetables, pasta, rice, and even granola!

Beth is the author of In Winter’s Kitchen: Growing Roots and Breaking Bread in the Northern Heartland, a Minnesota Book Award finalist. We are increasingly a publisher of both meaningful books and original content (like this series!)—all made possible by you, our community. To help us support more authors who know how to spark creativity, give a sustaining gift today.