Arctic Refuge: A Circle of Testimony

Arctic Refuge

A Circle of Testimony
“May prove the most important book published all year.” —SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

Arctic Refuge is a book that arose from a political moment yet contains eloquent wisdom and timely information central to a sustainable vision for our world. The book began as an idea in January 2001, when Alaska residents Hank Lentfer and Carolyn Servid, responding to proposals to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, sent a call to writers across the country. Just seven weeks later, the book was presented to Congress.

With testimonies by President Jimmy Carter, Wendell Berry, Barry Lopez, Bill McKibben, Terry Tempest Williams, Scott Russell Sanders, and Rick Bass, Arctic Refuge is an ideal introduction to the Refuge and issues surrounding our use of energy and public lands. The book includes the testimony of members of the Gwich’in Nation—whose lives depend on the caribou—as well as wildlife biologists, and other writers from Alaska and across the nation.