Discovering Pig Magic

Pig Magic
Young Readers

Discovering Pig Magic

“A steady, sweet, and quiet book, full of humanity.” —MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE
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Mattie, Ariel, and Nicki are fast friends facing the uncertainty of being thirteen. Mattie’s kitschy pig collection and agoraphobic mother might completely derail her social life. Ariel’s attempts to follow in Rachael Ray’s culinary footsteps have landed her in hot water. And Nicki is carrying a secret that threatens to cut her off from her best friends.

After finding a book of spells, the three girls perform a ritual that will grant each the object of her desire. This requires that they each bury something special: for Ariel, a tiny antique spoon; for Nicki, a thumb-sized leather mother-and-child doll; and for Mattie, a small ceramic pig with real gold inlays. When the magic starts to take effect, the girls’ longed-for wishes carry unintended, and unwelcome, consequences. Several disasters later, the friends fear that their ritual is working against them. Can they break the spell before their problems spiral out of control?

Wonderfully funny and absorbing, Discovering Pig Magic captures the everyday lives of three quirky, engaging girls, and shows that some wishes may be better left unfulfilled.

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5.25 × 8 × 0.5 in
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