The Country of Language

“Simple, elegant, and enduring.” —KIRKUS
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In The Country of Language, Sanders recalls the stories and experiences that have guided him as a writer, and speaks on behalf of a life rooted in the commonplace, in what is becoming paradoxically rare: a sense of “at-homeness” in the natural world. Emerging from his work is the conviction that moments of interaction with the nonhuman world—whether one is transfixed in a silent stare down with a great blue heron or listening to the voice of a creek while bombs threaten far-off countries—restore the sanity and courage needed to address the griefs of the human community.

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Praise and Prizes

  • “The link between language and ‘nonhuman nature’ is the thread that draws together this set of graceful, autobiographical essays, works as simple, elegant, and enduring as Shaker furniture. Scott Russell Sanders shares his earliest memories of the Midwest countryside, and of learning the alphabets of animal tracks, tree bark, flowers, and plants just as avidly as he learned to read and write.”

  • “In his usual articulate and well-crafted prose, Scott Russell Sanders continues to relate everyday and natural experiences to greater meanings… . His writing, he says, is his way of asking questions.”

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