The Dog with Golden Eyes

The Dog with Golden Eyes
Young Readers

The Dog with Golden Eyes

“Engaging and knowledgeably written.” —BULLETIN OF THE CENTER FOR CHILDREN’S BOOKS
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After Cassie’s dad walks out, Cassie and her mom must make it on their own. While her mom waitresses at the local diner, Cassie takes care of the laundry and cooking after school. She has always wanted a dog, more than anything in the world, but her mother has always refused. Who would take care of a dog? Feed it? And, most importantly, pay for its food, supplies, and trips to the vet? But one day, Cassie’s dream cautiously sniffs its way into her yard—and into her life. Cassie decides this big dog will be her best friend, even if it means secretly getting a job to pay for the huge quantity of food he eats.

Quickly Cassie learns that Toklata, as she names her new friend, is a big responsibility—and that he may not be a sled dog at all but an Arctic wolf! The Dog with Golden Eyes is filled with fascinating facts about wolves and their behavior as well as some important lessons about responsibility.

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