Future of Nature

The Future of Nature

Writing on a Human Ecology from Orion Magazine
“A thought-provoking ecological primer.” —BOOKLIST
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The western mindset is arguably one of the greatest threats to the world’s ecological balance. Corporatism and globalization are two of the obvious villains here, but what part does human nature play in the problem? Since its inception in 1982, Orion magazine has been a forum for looking beyond the effects of ecological crises to their root causes in human culture. Less an anthology than a vision statement, this timely collection—featuring essays from Wendell Berry, Alison Hawthorne Deming, Bill McKibben, and Rebecca Solnit, among others—challenges the division of human society from the natural world that has often characterized traditional environmentalism.

Edited and introduced by Barry Lopez, The Future of Nature encompasses such topics as local economies, the social dynamics of activism, America’s incarceration society, naturalism in higher education, developing nations, spiritual ecology, the military-industrial landscape, and the persistent tyranny of wilderness designation. Featuring the fine writing and insights for which Orion is famous, this book is required reading for anyone interested in a livable future for the planet.

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Barry Lopez

Barry Lopez was an essayist, author, and short story writer, and has traveled extensively in both remote and populated parts of the world. He was the author of Arctic Dreams, winner of the National Book Award; Of Wolves and Men, a National Book Award finalist, and numerous other works of fiction and nonfiction.

Praise and Prizes

  • “A compelling mosaic of prescient, incisive works … Clarion essays by such innovative and now prominent thinkers as Wendell Berry, Bill McKibben, Gary Paul Nabhan, and Rebecca Solnit nestle against two dozen other arresting dispatches… . A thought-provoking ecological primer.”

  • “Intellectually courageous … Orion has always been willing to go deep and long in its coverage of environmental issues, and this tradition of green-minded literary journalism yields a rich trove of writing in this compilation… . The tone throughout is thoughtful and earnest.”

    UTNE Reader
  • “This collection of essays challenges the division of human society from the natural world—a division that has often characterized traditional environmentalism—and offers hope for moving forward.”

  • “These are serious essays for a world facing serious challenges, though the fact that they are written with so much evident heart and conviction leavens the prose and makes them a pleasure to ponder.”

    Green Bookshelf
  • “The wide number of subjects covered here makes it a solid choice both for those looking for reference material and the casual reader who is not quite sure what topic yet to pursue.”