The Year of the Sawdust Man

The Year of the Sawdust Man
Young Readers

The Year of the Sawdust Man

“Entirely engaging, touching, and unfailingly entertaining.” —ROBERT CORMIER
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Eleven-year-old Nissa’s life has never been perfect. Living with her free-spirited mama in the small town of Harper, Louisiana, circa 1933, has led to lots of gossipy small talk and mean rumors. But now Mama is gone, leaving Nissa with her gentle father, and all the townsfolk can talk about is who she might have run off with.

Nissa’s memories of the Sundays her mama would come home smelling of sawdust lead her to suspect that some of the rumors are true. Did her mama run away with the Sawdust Man? And is she ever coming back?

Compassionate and poetic, The Year of the Sawdust Man is an insightful novel about grief and growth, “plumbing the depths of a painful situation to surface triumphantly with compassion and humor” (Publishers Weekly).

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