Willow Room, Green Door


Willow Room, Green Door

New and Selected Poems
“This is lyric poetry that sings, enchants, debunks and then reconstructs the truths and mysteries of our lives.” —JIM MOORE
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Written over the course of three decades, this extraordinary collection of new and selected poems presents a body of work from Deborah Keenan that is expressive variously of love and rage, vulnerability and authority, distraction and focus, and, perhaps above all, a sharply empathetic sense of observation. Keenan’s work balances holding on to what is dear with letting go of what she cannot change.
With refreshing curiosity, these poems capture rich layers of life in trial and bliss alike, enabling us to see what a number of her contemporaries have recognized for some time: Deborah Keenan is one of our great poets.

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