LiTFUSE 2020: How to Read a Poem (Aloud) with Brooke Matson

Sunday, September 27, 2020 - 11:00am
Tieton, WA 98947
United States


Brooke Matson, author of In Accelerated Silence, joins LiTFUSE 2020 to teach a virtual workshop on "How to Read a Poem (Aloud)." Register for LiTFUSE 2020 here

Poetry is a musical art as much as a literary one, but too often, poems are read in flat voices, without pauses, and without consideration of the sound of the line. In short, no different than one would read any text. But in this workshop, we’ll learn the art of delivering poetry aloud using sonic elements—rhyme, internal rhyme, meter, assonance, and natural pauses—laid down by contemporary poets. Through this practice, you’ll learn aural tricks to weave into your own work.