The Stuntman


The Stuntman

"A jamboree of ecstatic yawps." —ALEX LEMON
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Wonderfully accomplished and highly original, this debut collection does with language what miners have always done to the earth: peel back the layers, churn up the patterns, and extract what lies below the surface.

The Stuntman relocates the myth of Echo and Narcissus to the mining town of Hibbing, Minnesota, and draws inspiration from the high school relationship between Bob Dylan and Echo Helstrom—a.k.a. “The Girl From the North Country”—that took place there. At once whimsical and refreshingly earnest, playful and yet richly grounded in one of the founding myths of Western civilization, The Stuntman deploys images that are often as quirky as they are illuminating, and explores the protean nature of the self as well as the challenges of being a self in social and intimate relationships.

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Brian Laidlaw

Brian Laidlaw is the author of The Stuntman and The Mirrormaker. An accomplished musician, he has toured widely in the United States and Europe. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota’s MFA program in poetry and is currently pursuing a PhD in creative writing at the University of Denver.

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