What Matters Most

What Matters Most

Storytelling, Community, and Connectedness

What Matters Most, a new Milkweed digital initiative, celebrates the daily nourishments that give our lives purpose and meaning. What Matters Most is a collaborative effort that brings in the unique voices of our authors in personal and human ways—inviting them to share about the people, objects, traditions, places, plants, and more that bring them strength, joy, solace, and peace. Through these videos, we hope to continue to grow and strengthen our Milkweed community of authors and readers. 

For us at Milkweed, it is you, our vibrant community, who matter most, and who fuel both our mission and our work. As we continue to navigate these uncertain and difficult times, we are committed to doing our part as a nonprofit, independent press to build an empathetic, equitable, and diverse future through the books we publish, the authors we champion, and the societal conversations we engage in. 

So far, What Matters Most, has brought us reflections on sustaining ourselves and the Earth, a lesson in grounding routines and rituals, a lively exchange of family and food, and discussions about caring for joyful new life in a world that feels dark. 

As a nonprofit arts organization and independent publisher, we are empowered to make decisions about the books we publish and the content we put out into the world based on our mission, not a bottom line. The powerful voices and messages of our authors shared through What Matters Most are testament to the bold, unique, and irrevocably human tapestry that we are committed to weaving at Milkweed.