Kristen Case

Kristen Case is a coeditor of 21 | 19: Contemporary Poets in the Nineteenth-Century Archive. She is also the author of American Pragmatism and Poetic Practice: Crosscurrents from Emerson to Susan Howe. Her first collection of poems, Little Arias, won the Maine Literary Award for Poetry in 2016, and her second collection, Principles of Economics, won the 2018 Gatewood Prize. She is also coeditor of Thoreau at 200: Essays and Reassessments and director of Thoreau’s Kalendar: A Digital Archive of the Phenological Manuscripts of Henry David Thoreau. She teaches at the University of Maine at Farmington, where she is director of the New Commons Project.

Books by Kristen Case

Contemporary Poets in the Nineteenth-Century Archive
Alexandra Manglis and Kristen Case

21|19 offers a re-reading of the “American Renaissance” and new possibilities for imaginative critical practice today.

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