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Get Educated: #climatefacts

Milkweed Staff — 01/26/2017

Today—two days after Donald Trump ordered a media blackout at all government agencies, and one day after employees of those government agencies launched “rogue” social media accounts—#climatefacts is trending worldwide on Twitter. The Twitterstorm is organized by 350.org, the international environmental organization founded by Bill McKibben. A statement from 350.org reads, “Denying climate change is irresponsible and will put millions of people at greater risk of harm from pollution, climate disruption, and fossil fuel extraction … Help defend science and the welfare of people everywhere.” To get involved, 350.org has compiled a variety of resources and vetted facts.

As readers, writers, and advocates, and stewards, we believe deeply in the role stories and literature share in changemaking. With this in mind, we have compiled a reading list:
Get Educated: Climate Change & the Environment.

“The story of our relationship to the earth is written more truthfully on the land than on the page. It lasts there. The land remembers what we said and what we did. Stories are among our most potent tools for restoring the land as well as our relationship to the land.”
—Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass

“Science is about much more than just solving challenges, as important as they are. It is about who we are as human beings, about our ability to love, to wonder, to imagine, to heal, to care for one another, to create a better future, to dream of things unseen. To figure out the world and our place in it, and to capture the great beauty of the world in representations others can apprehend. They may use the language of math instead of paint or music, but they are artful representations just the same.”
—Shawn Otto, The War on Science

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