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What Matters Most | Ep. 1 Adam Clay

Milkweed Staff — 04/23/2020
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Introducing What Matters Most, a new video series by and for the Milkweed community. Each week, one of our authors will reflect on daily nourishments in their lives — people, objects, traditions, places, plants, and more—that bring them strength, joy, solace, or peace. What Matters Most was born out of our collective acknowledgment that times of uncertainty cement the importance of the things—big and small—that give our lives meaning. For us at Milkweed, it is our community of readers, authors and donors that matters most and who seed the publishing of literature that changes lives. While we are physically distant, it is our hope that through these videos, you’ll feel more connected—to our authors, to Milkweed, and to each other.

In this first installment of What Matters Most, poet Adam Clay greets us from his front porch and shares how he centers himself through the simple act of reading a few beautiful lines from a poem. Adam is the author of To Make Room for the Sea, Stranger, and A Hotel Lobby at the Edge of the World.

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