A Little Gaelic Kingdom

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“A masterpiece of travel and topographical writing, and an incomparable and enthralling meditation on times past.”—JOHN BANVILLE
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“A masterpiece of travel and topographical writing, and an incomparable and enthralling meditation on times past.”—John Banville

“He knows this world as no one else does, and writes about it with awe and love, but also with measured grace, an artist’s eye and a scientist’s sensibility.”—Colm Tóibín

In its landscape, history, language, and folklore, the Connemara region on Ireland’s wild and windswept West Coast is a dramatic and breathtaking place. From its fabled villages, rugged seaside cliffs, bogs, lakes, coral beaches, stark mountains, and ever-meandering country roads lined with stone walls, this rugged kingdom surprises and inspires, and nobody knows this more than artist, cartographer, and celebrated writer Tim Robinson.

In A Little Gaelic Kingdom, Robinson brings this enchanting Irish peninsula rapturously to life. Setting off, he embarks on a walking journey, traversing and exploring the natural world, while revealing the history, mystery, language, and people that have indelibly shaped this much-mythologized countryside. From the glacial valley of Maam to the fishing villages and rocky shorelines of the region’s archipelago, Robinson carries encyclopedic knowledge, great curiosity, and a deep love of place and its inhabitants with him on this engaging and evocative journey.

Beautifully crafted and intimately rendered, A Little Gaelic Kingdom is a timeless and revelatory work of travel and nature writing.

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Tim Robinson

A cartographer and writer, Tim Robinson was the author of, most recently, the Connemara trilogy, which Robert Macfarlane has called “one of the most remarkable nonfiction projects undertaken in English.” He was twice recipient of the Irish Book Award.

Praise and Prizes

  • “Many landscape writers have striven to give their prose the characteristics of the terrain they are describing. Few have succeeded as fully as Tim Robinson.”

    Robert Macfarlane
    author of Underland
  • “A masterpiece of travel and topographical writing, and an incomparable and enthralling meditation on times past […] This perfectly pitched work opens readers up to the world around them.”

    Sunday Times
  • “Anyone willing to get lost in this book will be left with indelible mental images of places they may never have visited but will now never forget.”

    Irish Mail on Sunday
  • “[Robinson’s] work is reminiscent of that of some early explorers and geographers in its painstaking exactitude. But instead of bringing back the record of a hitherto unknown terrain, he is resurrecting the ignored or forgotten from under our feet. He attends to wildflowers, heathers, pollens, and to phenomena ranging from the cemeteries of unbaptized babies to the mythology of hares. His scientific rigor is suffused by a marveling poetry.”

    New York Review of Books
  • “Visitors to Connemara, that expanse of stony beauty in the west of Ireland, are often struck by its stillness. One of the most eloquent readers of that silence is the Yorkshire-born writer Robinson, whose new collection of essays succeeds in the difficult task of staying true to the verities of a place on to which so many fantasies have been projected. […] Robinson writes with lapidary precision about a landscape so frequently shrouded in cliché that its unmediated truths are often invisible.”

    The Guardian