Day Unto Day

Day Unto Day
Day Unto Day (back cover)

Day Unto Day

“A quotidian preparation for human Being.” —KAZIM ALI

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Martha Collins offers haunting reflections on time and other subjects in Day Unto Day, a spare and subtle seventh collection. The book consists of six sequences: during one month each year, for six years, Collins wrote a short poem each day. With perfectly distilled lines, she captures the aching, liminal beauty of one day becoming another—the slow burn of time passing, the ambiguity of an “old / new leaf” turning over, even as she collages a wide range of material that includes often disturbing news of the world.

Writing in the tradition of poetic meditation, Collins shows us the full degree of her mastery—a mature voice, poems with tremendous scope, and lines exceptionally controlled. Day Unto Day is the work of a poet at the height of her career.

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Martha Collins is the co-translator of Dreaming the Mountain and Black Stars. She has also published eleven volumes of poetry. 

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