Music for Landing Planes By

Music for Landing Planes By

Music for Landing Planes By

“Awestruck, open, and generous.” —NICK FLYNN
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Informed by Éireann Lorsung’s own far-reaching interests—sewing, printmaking, writing—Music for Landing Planes By honors the makers, methods, and materials embodied in daily objects. From the copper plate of an Intaglio print to the patched muslin form of a dressmaker’s mannequin to the maddered boy taking shape on a loom, these poems transform the ephemeral into the eternal.

Along the way, Lorsung combines an affection for formality with an overarching intelligence and pertinence, telescoping ideas and images in an astonishing variety of forms, and concerning itself with various states of being. Combining art and artifacts to create verse that is uniquely modern, Lorsung has invented an entirely original lexicon—one that that will leave readers eager to read more.

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5.5 × 8.5 × 0.25 in
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Éireann Lorsung is the author of Her Book and Music for Landing Planes By, named a New and Noteworthy collection by Poets & Writers, and The Century, forthcoming in October 2020. 

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