An Anthology of Dutch Poetry
“Lovingly edited and skillfully translated… Rob Schouten has done a valuable literary service and Rinkeldekinkel offers delights I will return to again and again.”—KEVIN PRUFER
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What shape does Dutch art take in the American imagination? Austere, perhaps. Insular. Fixated on nature, every writer’s “traditional source of consolation.” And all of these qualities may indeed be true of the Netherlands’ early literature. But in Rinkeldekinkel, readers will encounter a radically different body of Dutch poetics—one defined by international cultural exchange, linguistic invention, and contemporary life.

Over three decades, the twenty-three poets featured here celebrate the colorful world that blossomed in the wake of Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, and global Cold War conservatism. Poets, writes anthology editor Rob Schouten, took this moment to adopt a “new view on reality,” one filled with “bewilderment and excitement.” The rise of multiculturalism in the Netherlands, the influence of pop culture, and a cultural shift away from highly formal language led to the development of a public voice that mirrored the changes happening across an increasingly diverse Western Europe.

From Mustafa Stitou’s surreal ruminations on death and faith, to Elma van Haren’s energetic and evocative verse, to Hester Knibbe’s ruminative feminist ekphrases, each poet in this anthology brings something distinct to the page. Rinkeldekinkel is a celebration of artistic variety that English-speaking audiences will be delighted to attend. “Nothing’s tied and all is loose,” writes Ingmar Heytze, so we all should “dance and know that [we] exist.”

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Rob Schouten

Robert Schouten is a Dutch writer, poet, columnist, and literary critic of the daily Trouw. He was a writer in residence at the U of M (1986/87), Professor of literary criticism at the Free University of Amsterdam (1993-1996).

Praise and Prizes

  • “If you’re seeking out a collection of poems offering a wide stylistic range, Rinkeldekinkel more than delivers on that promise. Throughout, there are more than a few allusions to other literary works across linguistic borders, making for a resonant and complex read.”

    Tobias Carroll, Words Without Borders
  • “[A] substantial anthology, which enables the anglophone reader to range more widely across unfamiliar terrain.”

    The High Window
  • “What a rich and various anthology Rinkeldekinkel is—beautifully translated and presented to offer a breadth of work from contemporary Dutch-language poets in the Netherlands to an English-speaking audience. This is a glimpse into the multiplicity and inventiveness of the poetry, language, ideas, and life of these writers and their place. A welcome addition to my bookshelf!”

    Éireann Lorsung
  • “Here is a terrific survey of Dutch poetry right now. Lovingly edited and skillfully translated, this anthology brings to English language readers twenty-three leading poets whose work has otherwise been nearly completely unavailable to us. Rob Schouten has done a valuable literary service and Rinkeldekinkel offers delights I will return to again and again.”

    Kevin Prufer