The Suspension of Time

The Suspension of Time: Reflections on Simon Dinnerstein and The Fulbright Triptych

The Suspension of Time

Reflections on Simon Dinnerstein and The Fulbright Triptych
“Astonishing . . . This book is like tuning the painting in like a radio.” —JONATHAN LETHEM
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Completed in 1974, and standing over six feet tall and fourteen feet wide, The Fulbright Triptych is widely considered a masterpiece of contemporary art: a striking family tableau rendered in vivid detail on three wood panels, which has quietly inspired, exhorted, and challenged its viewers for years.

The Suspension of Time is a collection of essays on Simon Dinnerstein’s extraordinary painting, reproduced here in full color. It includes writing by singularly rich range of contributors, from the Pulitzer Prize–winning novelists Jhumpa Lahiri and Anthony Doerr to acclaimed poet Dan Beachy-Quick, and from art historians such as Colin Eisler, Albert Boime, and Thomas M. Messer to composer George Crumb and actor John Turturro. Each essay in The Suspension of Time offers its unique perspective, but taken as a whole they develop a dialogue of collaboration that directly reflects The Fulbright Triptych’s inherent message of symphonic connectivity, demonstrating the rich potential for collaboration between visual, literary, musical, and other arts.

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