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William Kittredge

In this book, the author tells the story of his family’s homestead in the Great Basin, a ranch worked by horses when he was a boy and transformed into an agribusiness by the time he was a grown man. Recounting his life as farmer and writer, he...

Brown Dog of the Yaak: Essays on Art and Activism
Rick Bass

A creature almost mythic, Colter—the brown dog of the Yaak—charges through mountain valleys following the scent of game. In this book, the author gives a history of his years with Colter—including vignettes about interactions with well-known...

Pattiann Rogers

An award-winning poet, a mother, a lover of the land and every creature in it, as well as a student of zoology, the author is at home in the vocabulary of nature. In this work of prose punctuated and intensified by poetry, she describes the...

Bosses, partners, governments, corporations—all can act as bullies, intimidating us to their will. But changing their behavior may be in our power. This provocative, visionary book examines some of this century’s most far-ranging concepts about...

Annick Smith

In 1964 the author came to Montana with her husband and their boys. In a fertile valley where meadows tip downward toward the Big Blackfoot River, they found what they had dreamed of: 163 acres of ranchland with a view of a creek, hills, and the...

Grass Roots: The Universe of Home
Paul Gruchow

These eloquent essays meditate on living with the land and reinvigorating the values of community. Combining personal reflection and memoir with a powerful look at the state of our rural towns and people, this collection postulates a society in...

This handbook is easy to read, easy to use, and filled with ideas for teachers that have come out of the author’s many years of experience in the classroom and as a behavior specialist, as well as her ongoing discussions with colleagues. It...

Herbert Kohl

This important essay is a penetrating look at our schools’ frequent failure to consider the values of their clients—our children and young adults.

The Country of Language
Scott Russell Sanders

Here the author recalls the stories and experiences that have guided him as a writer, and speaks on behalf of a life rooted in the commonplace. Emerging from his work is the conviction that moments of interaction with the nonhuman world restore...