– 08/16/2018

Bridges Reading Series hosts Brenda Bell Brown, Debra Stone, and Claire Wahmanholm for an inaugural reading at their new venue, Blue Harbor Center for the Arts.

– 10/12/2018

Join us in the bookstore for this conversation with Kim Sagwa and Shannon Gibney, featuring new novels Mina (Two Lines) and Dream Country (Penguin).

– 10/20/2018

Milkweed’s final market date of the season!

– 11/28/2018

Join us in the bookstore for this reading and conversation with Maryse Meijer featuring her latest book, Northwood (Catapult). She will be joined by Minneapolis-based artist and illustrator Sarah Evenson.

– 11/09/2018

Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts invites Caitlin Bailey, poet of Solve for Desire, to be a part of their 2018 reading series.

– 11/10/2018

Poet behind North American Stadiums Grady Chambers will appear at Big Blue Marble Bookstore in conversation with Valerie Wallace. 

– 09/15/2018

Join Milkweed Books for their September appearance at the MCFM!

– 11/08/2018

Daniel Mallory Ortberg discusses fairy tales for the Loft Literary Center’s Big Ideas series.

– 08/16/2018

Join us for this reading with poet, essayist, and translator P. Scott Cunningham in celebration of his debut collection of poems, Ya Te Veo (University of Arkansas), also featuring Twin Cities-based poets Michael Kleber-Diggs and Katharine Rauk.

Claire Wahmanholm
Pre-order now for November!

The winner of the 2018 Lindquist & Vennum Prize for Poetry maps an alien but unnervingly familiar world as it accelerates into cataclysm. Here refugees listen to relaxation tapes that create an Arcadia out of tires and bleach; here the alphabet spells out disaster and devours children. The result is a collection that both beguiles and wounds.


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