– 11/26/2018

SUNY Oswego will host poet Rebecca Dunham as part of its Living Writers Series. 

– 12/04/2018

Dr. Nell Irvin Painter joins the Minneapolis YWCA for It’s Time to Act!, their four-part speakder series focused on eliminating racism. Book sales provided by Milkweed Books.

– 03/29/2019

Three award-winning poets will share their most recent work: In Footnotes in the Order of Disappearance, Fady Joudah finds tenderness for the other, the dead, and the disappeared. In feeld, Jos Charles offers a lyrical unraveling of the circuity of gender and speech. In Calling a Wolf a Wolf, Kaveh Akbar confronts addiction and the strenuous path of recovery, beginning with the wilds of the mind. Introduced and moderated by Victoria Chang.

– 03/28/2019

In recent years, many poets have turned to history as the inspiration for book-length projects. How does the poet’s craft encompass the historian’s? Panelists Dolores Hayden, Marilyn Nelson, Frank X Walker, and Martha Collins will explore strategies for choosing a resonant subject and interpreting another era using documents, maps, landscapes, and photographs.

– 03/30/2019

David Walker, David Young, Stuart Friebert, Martha Collins, and Kazim Ali will discuss FIELD magazine's history and values, including its annual symposium of essays on the work of a major poet, its commitment to translation, and its openness to a wide variety of voices, both established and emerging.

– 12/08/2018

Op Cit Books in conjunction with the Santa Fe Women’s International Study Center will present a poetry reading by Martha Collins and Veronica Golos. The event will consist of an afternoon with two women whose poems use documentary as well as lyric modes to delve into America’s racial and racist past.

Shannon Blackmer is sales & marketing associate at Milkweed Editions. Shannon rose into this position in the fall of 2018 after a summer internship at the press. She holds a BA in English and journalism with honors from Stony Brook University, where she started an online magazine written by and for college women during her time there. Shannon enjoys environmental and feminist literature, as well as reading bedtime stories to her nieces.

I work at Milkweed because we need literature to boost empathy through human stories of the soul. I hope to continue supporting Milkweed’s passion for thoughtful story telling and spreading

– 12/13/2018

Milkweed Editions and Rain Taxi present the launch of Brian Laidlaw’s The Mirrormaker, his new poetry collection and its accompanying album. Poetry and music from Brian, poet/performer Douglas Kearney, and artist Ashley Hanson.

– 11/18/2018

Amber Tamblyn and Roxane Gay are bringing back their Vulture Festival staple reading series, Feminist AF, for another afternoon showcasing the most daring voices in feminist writing today. Special guests will include America Ferrera, Ada Limón, and Carmen Maria Machado.

Bookseller Recommendations: November

This month’s recommendations from our bookstore staff feature foldout folktale monsters, reflections on freeing ourselves from legacies of harm, lovingly-told tales from the basketball court, and unusual, textured stories of women and mystery. Each of these books is uniquely suited to be revisited—all four are made up of stories, histories, and ideas that merit our returning to them over and over again, to lending them out to friends and family, to unpeeling a new layer with every re-read.


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