Providence, RI – 02/23/2018

Panel featuring Elizabeth Rush, Cornelia Dean, and Mary Ellen Hannibal.

Minneapolis, MN – 04/12/2018

Join us for a conversation on the subject of quantum entanglement, featuring Louisa Gilder, author of The Age of Entanglement. We are pleased to join the Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science in welcoming Louisa to the Twin Cities in celebration of the ten-year anniversary of the publication of her book.

Minneapolis, MN – 03/07/2018

In the second meeting of Writers Go to the Movies at the Bryant Lake Bowl, poet Chris Martin presents the film Wretches and Jabberers, a globetrotting documentary about the deep intelligence, creativity, and humor of non-speaking autistic writers.

Minneapolis, MN – 03/01/2018

Buy books, get more books for free! Select a book from our Free Books Bin when you purchase any hardcover title at the bookstore during the first weekend in March.

Columbia, SC – 02/15/2018

The Gills Creek Watershed Association invites you to spend an evening with Dr. J. Drew Lanham as he talks about the nature of water, his connections to it, and how inclusion and diversity must be a part of the conversation going forward as we strive to protect nature and its resources.

Minneapolis, MN – 03/22/2018

Join the University of Minnesota's Creative Writing Program for its annual reading by authors of debut publications.

Austin, TX – 02/18/2018

Join Analicia Sotelo at BookPeople for a reading and book signing of her debut collection of poems, Virgin.

Tampa, FL – 03/08/2018

Dan Beachy–Quick moderates a panel with Alex Lemon, Joni Tevis, Chris Dombrowski, and Elizabeth Rush, discussing how uncertain terrain can lead to unexpected beauty, electric possibility, and some of the most exciting writing within the field today.

Charlottesville, VA – 03/24/2018

Distinguished writers discuss their love of nature, the impacts of climate change, the current debate on energy and environmental policy, and threats to the Southeast’s natural riches.


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