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The Body That Questions: On Art, Beauty, and the Cover of Virgin

Analicia Sotelo — 09/19/2017

When Milkweed Editions invited my thoughts on cover design for Virgin, I sent them a Pinterest page with visual influences: Victorian pharmaceutical advertisements, turn of the century women’s magazine covers, art nouveau color palettes, autochromes, and vintage illustrations of flora and fauna (mostly cacti)—all motifs of highly polarized femininity that I was trying to capture and reconsider.


Once You’ve Seen into Heaven, How Do You Forget That? On the Opioid Epidemic and I Know Your Kind

William Brewer — 08/29/2017

I saw the opiate epidemic start to swallow up my home. It worked quickly and indiscriminately. Each trip back was met with news of a different friend using, or in rehab, or dealing, or in jail, or worse. But it was only after a very specific moment that I became committed to writing this book, a moment of initial frustration within myself.

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A Year in the Wilderness is here!

Amy & Dave Freeman — 08/28/2017

We are so excited to share that we got to see the first copies of A Year in the Wilderness today! Check out this timelapse of us signing over 600 copies, which will be sent to everyone who preorders to book before its publication date on September 23. For everyone who’s already ordered a copy: stay tuned! Books will ship after Labor Day.

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Remembering Max Ritvo

Milkweed Staff — 08/23/2017

A year ago today, Max Ritvo passed away after a long battle with cancer. Here are just a few of the most wonderful interviews, reviews, and remembrances of Max available on the internet.