Siege 13

Siege 13
Siege 13 (back cover)

Siege 13

“A virtuoso performance.” —WASHINGTON POST
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Winner of the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize, an “arresting” (New York Times) and “virtuoso” (Washington Post) collection of stories that explores a world in which ordinary people are caught between the pincers of aggressors, leading to actions at once deplorable, perplexing, and heroic.

In the fall of 1944, the Red Army encircled Budapest, surrounding tens of thousands of German and Hungarian troops, and nearly a million civilians. The ensuing months witnessed one of the most brutal sieges of World War II, with block-to-block guerilla warfare followed by widespread disease, starvation, and unspeakable atrocities. Richly grounded in this historical trauma and its extended aftermath, the stories in Siege 13 alternate between the siege itself and a contemporary community of Hungarian émigrés who find refuge in the West.

Illuminating the horror and absurdity of war with wit and subtlety, Tamas Dobozy explores a world in which right and wrong are not easily distinguished, and a gruesome past manifests itself in perplexing, often comical ways.

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Tamas Dobozy

Tamas Dobozy is the author of Siege 13. He has published over fifty works of short fiction in such journals as GrantaAGNIFiction, and One Story. The story “The Restoration of the Villa Where Tíbor Kálmán Once Lived,” included in Siege 13, received a PEN/O. Henry Prize.

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