The Song of Kahunsha

Song of Kahunsha

The Song of Kahunsha

“A gripping and compassionate novel.” —WINNIPEG FREE PRESS
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It is 1993 and Bombay is threatened by terrorism and sectarian strife. Ten-year-old Chamdi has rarely ventured outside his orphanage, and entertains an idyllic fantasy of what the city is like beyond its garden walls—a paradise he calls Kahunsha, “the city of no sadness.” But when he runs away to search for his long-lost father, he finds himself thrust into the chaos of the streets, alone, possessing only the cloth he was left in as a baby. There Chamdi meets Sumdi and Guddi, brother and sister who beg in order to provide for their sick mother, and the three become fast friends.

Fueled by a desire to find his father and the dream of his Kahunsha, Chamdi struggles for survival on Bombay’s streets. But when he is caught up in the beginnings of the violence that will soon engulf the city, his dreams confront reality.

Wonderfully rich in the sights and sounds of Bombay, The Song of Kahunsha is a poignant story of hopes and dreams, and of the fragility of childhood innocence.

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