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Ada Limón

Published in association with the Library of Congress and edited by the twenty-fourth Poet Laureate of the United States, a singular collection of fifty poems reflecting on our relationship to the natural world by our most celebrated contemporary

Jessica Fisher

.A meditation on art’s longevity and the brevity of human life from a highly acclaimed, award-winning author.

Yalie Saweda Kamara

Yalie Saweda Kamara’s Besaydoo is an elegantly wrought love song to home—as place, as people, as body, and as language.

JJJJJerome Ellis

A polyphonic new entry in Multiverse, JJJJJerome Ellis’s Aster of Ceremonies beautifully extends a “lyrical celebration of and inquiry into the intersections of blackness, music, and disabled speech” (Claudia Rankine).



David Keplinger

Ice indexes the findings from memory’s slow melt—stories and faces we’ve forgotten, bones hidden in frost.

Jackson Holbert

Winner of the Max Ritvo Poetry Prize, Jackson Holbert’s Winter Stranger is a solemn record of addiction and the divided affections we hold for the landscapes that shape us.

Dan Beachy-Quick

Acclaimed poet and translator Dan Beachy-Quick offers this new addition to the Seedbank series: a warm, vivid rendering of the earliest Greek intellects, inviting us to reconsider writing, and thinking, as a way of living meaningfully in the world.

Sasha taqwšəblu LaPointe

A wild, seductive debut collection that presents a powerful journey of struggle and healing—and a spellbinding brew of folklore, movies, music, and ritual.

Claire Wahmanholm

A haunting collection that inhabits a disquieting future where fear is the governing body, “the organ and the tissue / and the cell, the membrane and the organelle.”

Christopher Brean Murray

Telescopes aim to observe the light of the cosmos, but Christopher Brean Murray turns his powerful lens toward the strange darkness of human existence in Black Observatory.

Adam Wolfond

In The Wanting Way, the second book in Multiverse—a literary series written and curated by the neurodivergent—Adam Wolfond proves more than willing to “extend the choreography.”

Ama Codjoe

Ama Codjoe’s highly anticipated debut collection brings generous light to the inner dialogues of women as they bathe, create art, make and lose love. Each poem rises with the urgency of a fully awakened sensual life.

Kathy Fagan

A 2023 Guggenheim Fellow
A 2023 Ohiana Award Finalist in Poetry
The 2023 Williams Carlos Williams Award Recipient

From Kingsley Tufts Award finalist Kathy Fagan comes Bad Hobby, a perceptive collection focused on memory, class, and might-have-beens

Sara Eliza Johnson

Sara Eliza Johnson’s much-anticipated second collection traces human emotion and experience across a Gothic landscape of glacial and cosmic scale.

Michael Kleber-Diggs

Winner of the Max Ritvo Poetry Prize, the poems of Worldly Things offer needed guidance on ways forward—toward radical kindness and a socially responsible poetics.

Allison Adair

Winner of the 2019 Max Ritvo Poetry Prize, The Clearing navigates the ever-shifting poles of violence and vulnerability with rich imagination and a singular incisiveness.

Ada Limón

An NPR “Book We Love”
A BookRiot “Best Book of the Year”
An Indie Next Selection for May 2022
A Los Angeles Times Recommended Read for May 2022
A TIME Magazine “Must Read Book of 2022”
Longlisted for the Brooklyn Public Library Book Prize