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Toward the Livable City
Emilie Buchwald

Commuters, suburbanites, city dwellers: Are you curious about making your life more livable and interested in knowing what that might mean? This anthology introduces a range of perspectives about creating successful, livable cities, with examples...

William Stafford

This book gathers the evidence of a lifetime’s commitment to nonviolence. Born the year World War I began, the author spent World War II in a camp for conscientious objectors. His writings show that it is possible—and crucial—to think...

John Caddy

Organized by the seasons of the year, beginning with fall, these poems find wildness near at hand—and, through its recording, deepen consciousness of the physical processes of the earth and our own lives. Along the way, the collection provides...

Young Readers
Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Henry Bunks escapes neighborhood bullies and a grim, overcrowded apartment building by spending hours exploring the canal near his Miami home. Then a split-second decision to stow away aboard the boat of an outlaw alligator hunter begins Henry’s...

Deborah Keenan

Written the year the author’s mother died and her first grandchild was born, these are poems that delve deeply into the ordinary passages and transformations of life, seeking out the possibility of a “Good Heart.”

Susan Power

These stories evoke a world in which spirits and the living commingle and Sioux culture and modern life collide with disarming power, humor, and joy. The characters grapple with potent forces of family, history, and belief—forces that at times...

Under Frederick the Great, every Jew who married was required to buy otherwise unsalable china from the royal porcelain factory. Moses Mendelssohn, a world-famous philosopher in the eighteenth century, was forced to buy twenty life-size porcelain...

Young Readers
John Armistead

The summer of 1964 begins calmly enough. But when civil rights workers come to a small Mississippi town and the Ku Klux Klan responds with intimidation and terrorism, the sultry days and nights are transformed into Freedom Summer. Soon three...

Winter Creek: One Writer's Natural History
John Daniel

A disarmingly honest story of the author’s restless, rootless, disaffected youth, looking for meaning in drugs and an active outdoor life in the West. From time spent fishing, climbing, and making a living logging—as well as through friendships...

John Elder

In these essays, the author describes how he found a way to balance his passions for literature and for the outdoors by building a sugarhouse with his sons in the Vermont woods. For him, the “frog run”—the tail end of the sugaring season in New...

Parents Wanted
Young Readers
George Harrar

Andy Fleck doesn’t have much of a family. A kid with Attention Deficit Disorder, he can’t keep himself from challenging every limit that is set by his adoptive parents Jeff and Laurie. It’s easy to see that Andy is a good kid dealing with his own...

Arctic Refuge: A Circle of Testimony
Hank Lentfer and Carolyn Servid

In January 2001, the editors, responding to proposals to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, sent a call to writers across the country. With testimonies by President Jimmy Carter, Wendell Berry, Barry Lopez, Bill McKibben, and Terry...

Prairie in Her Eyes
Ann Daum

Reared on her father’s thirty thousand-acre ranch, the author grew up to become a rancher herself, raising sport horses. In these essays—which rise and fall with the undulations of the prairie, and which can pack a punch like South Dakota weather...

An American Child Supreme: The Education of a Liberal Ecologist
John Nichols

The author was happily sailing through life, raised among naturalists and nurtured by a family history as American as the Stars and Stripes. But then a short trip to Guatemala changed his life, setting him on a very different path toward radical...

Alison Hawthorne Deming

In this book, the author describes locales that are dear to her because they are still shaped by nature: Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy; Provincetown, Massachusetts; Tucson, Arizona; and Poamoho, Hawaii. The farther we remove ourselves...

Ralph Black

These poems explore the territory of longing and loss, love and family, wild land and city street. With nods to Johannes Brahms and Joseph Haydn, Pablo Neruda, Theodore Roethke, and Christopher Smart, this collection tells of a passion for being...

William Morrish and Catherine Brown

This book is the first of its kind, providing a thoughtful, practical process for neighborhood planning for concerned citizens as well as professional planners.

Lu Chi

Written in the third century, this is one of the earliest Chinese works about the use of language, intended for those who wish to engage the art of letters at its deepest levels. In sixteen sections, it discusses the joys and problems that face...

Eccentric Islands: Travels Real and Imaginary
Bill Holm

Part traveler’s journal, part philosophical exploration, this book considers the idea of islands and asks whether they encourage eccentricity and grandeur in human beings. Along the way, it introduces beguiling characters and cultures, from the...

Robert Michael Pyle

As a boy in Colorado, the author fell in love with alpine heights and the butterflies that float above the tree line. This early passion sparked a career in conservation that took him across the globe—until he realized that he was no longer as...

Bill Holm

Arranged by letter of the alphabet, with at least one entry per letter, these short pieces capture the variety of daily life in contemporary China. Here, one learns what it is like to travel by “hard-seat” train to a remote village, to smuggle...

Mary Rose O'Reilley

Deciding that her life was insufficiently grounded in real-world experience, the author, a Quaker reared as a Catholic, embarked on a year of tending sheep. In this often hilarious book, she describes her time in the barn as well as an extended...

Ann Zwinger

Known for beautifully observed and illustrated books about the rivers, deserts, and mountains of the West, the author here focuses on the guiding principles of her life as naturalist. She moves from details to the larger patterns that link them...

Growing up, the author could define failure easily; it was “to die in Minneota.” But when he returned to his hometown twenty years later, he began to discover more of himself and of our time. This books investigates—through the lens of small-town...

Paul Gruchow

Organized by the seasons of the year, this book explores the natural and soul-sustaining beauty of the largest roadless area east of the Rocky Mountains. Drawing on the works of Thoreau and Wendell Berry, the author turns his naturalist’s eye on...