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The Hole in the Wall
Young Readers
Lisa Rowe Fraustino

Strange things begin to happen after eleven-year-old Sebby finds a secret cave behind his home: he falls ill, his family’s chickens disappear, and he finds a special pair of eyeglasses that show him a world where colors come alive and fly through...

John Reimringer

Originally drawn to the priesthood by the mystery, purity, and sensual fabric of the Catholic Church, as well as by its promise of a safe harbor from his violent father, James Dressler finds himself—just a few years after his ordination—attracted...

Drawing on a dizzying array of sources—including Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Korean folklore, and Turkish proverbs—this winner of the American Book Award explores the entangled myths that accompany the experience of immigration. These poems...

My Green Manifesto
David Gessner

With a tragically leaky canoe, a broken cell phone, a cooler of beer, and a passionate environmental planner in tow, the author sets off on a rough-and-tumble journey down Boston’s Charles River. Along the way, the vision of a new sort of eco-...

Jesse Ball

A fabulist’s compendium of poetry and prose, from one of our most fanciful and “disturbingly original” (Chicago Tribune) writers. These experimental pieces ask the reader not to imagine the world for what it is, but for what it could be...

Daniel Slager

The Fulbright Triptych is widely considered a masterpiece of contemporary art: a striking family tableau that has quietly inspired, exhorted, and challenged its viewers for years. This collection of essays directly reflects the painting’...

The Arriviste
James Wallenstein

As a young man, Neil Fox made a healthy living on heads-I-win-tails-you-lose venture capital deals. Now, years later, that cunning has calcified into a principled isolation, which Neil hopes to preserve even as a new neighbor builds his home in...

The Crepe Makers' Bond
Young Readers
Julie Crabtree

Ariel, Nicki, and M have been inseparable friends since they were kids, but now M’s mom has decided to move away. So the friends concoct a plan that will keep M in the Bay Area—she’ll move in with Ariel and her family. But everything M does gets...

The Nine Senses
Melissa Kwasny

In these exquisitely crafted prose poems, image collides with image to produce a singular ecological and poetic vision. Touching on mortality, temporality, and eternity, this collection asks the reader: how do we tie ourselves to the world when...

Ken Kalfus

One of America’s great contemporary writers—called “a virtuoso of the dismal comedy of Soviet life” by the New York Times—serves up tales at once hair-raising, comic, and fabulous. From a nuclear power plant worker to the first cosmonaut...

The Colors of Nature: Culture, Identity and the Natural World
Alison Hawthorne Deming and Lauret Savoy

For centuries, the richness of our world’s diverse stories has been widely overlooked by readers of environmental literature. This collection works against this blind spot, exploring the relationship between culture and place, emphasizing the...

The Gray Earth
Galsan Tschinag
Extra Indians
Eric Gansworth

After a moment of kindness turns tragic, Tommy Jack McMorsey is forced to revisit his past: the horrors of Vietnam, a love affair, and the suicide of his closest friend. Exploring the ways images, stereotypes, and depictions of identity intersect...

The Nature of College
James Farrell

Engaging in a deep and richly entertaining study of “campus ecology,” this fascinating, highly original book explores one day in the life of the average student. Along the way, it repurposes the great and timeless opportunity presented by college...

Behind the Bedroom Wall
Young Readers
Laura E. Williams
Cracking India
Bapsi Sidhwa

As the young daughter of an affluent Parsee family in Lahore, Lenny is keenly observant of the city’s astonishing diversity—Muslims and Hindus, Christians and Sikhs, coexisting together. But as Lahore descends into sectarian violence, Lenny’s...

Montana 1948
Larry Watson

In this modern classic, the charges of a young Sioux woman force David Hayden’s father, the sheriff of their small town, to confront his older brother, a charming war hero and respected doctor. This novel is an astonishing tale of love and...

Rock Island Line
David Rhodes

Born and raised in the idyll of Sharon Center, Iowa—a life of four-leaf clovers, dogs, and fishing—July Montgomery is rocked by the tragic death of his parents, a blow that precipitates his bitter exile from Eden. After an escape to Philadelphia...

The Windows of Brimnes: An American in Iceland
Bill Holm
Views from the Loft
Daniel Slager
Seedlip and Sweet Apple
Arra Lynn Ross

Seamlessly bridging the material and spiritual worlds, these poems take the reader into the mind of a true visionary: Mother Ann Lee, the founder of the Shaker religion in colonial America. This remarkable collection captures the ineffable...

The Keening
Young Readers
A. LaFaye