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Hope Human and Wild
Bill McKibben

From the Adirondack Mountains to Kerala, India, to Curitiba, Brazil, this book offers clear-eyed and profoundly compelling portraits of places where resourceful people have confronted modern problems with inventive solutions, and thrived in the...

Uncoded Woman
Anne-Marie Oomen

This collection of poems tells the story of a woman named Bead and her search for safe harbor. The maritime International Code of Signals—a dictionary of ship’s pennants and the message they convey—becomes a symbolic guide to Bead’s...

The Summer of Pike
Young Readers
Jutta Richter

Anna, Daniel, and Lucas seem to be living a dream. While their parents take care of a castle, they have the run of the grounds, along with the beautiful countryside that surrounds it. But as their summer begins, Daniel and Lucas’s mother is taken...

Faith Sullivan

A month after the United States joins World War II, nine-year-old Lark, her mother, Arlene, and her Aunt Betty migrate to San Diego from Minnesota, leaving Lark’s gambling father behind. Moving into a housing project with uprooted families from...

Young Readers
John Armistead

It’s the summer of 1955, and teenagers George, Esther, and Bennett spend their time roaming the countryside together, fishing and searching for outlaw treasure. But when a current of racism ruptures their idyllic summer, the three friends are...

Bapsi Sidhwa

The renowned author Bapsi Sidhwa and the equally renowned filmmaker Deepa Mehta share a unique artistic relationship: Mehta adapted Sidhwa’s novel Cracking India for her brilliant film Earth, and here, Sidhwa adapts Mehta’s...

The Crow Eaters
Bapsi Sidhwa

Loading his pregnant wife, infant daughter, and widowed mother-in-law into a bullock cart, Faredoon Junglewalla—Freddy for short—leaves his ancestral village for the bustling city of Lahore. Despite the nagging of his unbearable mother-in-law,...

David Romtvedt

Offering perspectives both intimate and expansive in nature, these poems are informed by the immediate, rural landscape of Wyoming, as well as sociopolitical forces outside the speaker’s control. This collection speaks to an American...

On the Ice: An Intimate Portrait of Life at McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Gretchen Legler

Hoping to get away from the complexities of her life, the author arrived at Antarctica’s McMurdo Station with the intention of researching the landscape; what she found, instead, was a zany population of misfits and dreamers. This is an...

Firekeeper: Selected Poems
Pattiann Rogers

With firm roots in science and the natural world, the author’s poems have been compared to Emerson’s and Whitman’s. She has written about motherhood, art, science, spirituality, and the tension between humanity and wildness. This edition presents...

Young Readers
Jessica Lee Anderson

Trudy’s parents are older than other kids’ parents; they’re so old, in fact, that most people mistake them for her grandparents. When Trudy and Ma notice that Pop is acting funny—he forgets to pick Trudy up from school and starts to put groceries...

North to Katahdin: What Hikers Seek on the Trail
Eric Pinder

When Thoreau stood on the flank of Maine’s Mount Katahdin in 1846, he was one of only a handful who had ventured so far into wilderness for the simple purpose of seeing what was out there. This book observes today’s wilderness mob and wonders: If...

I Am Lavina Cumming
Young Readers
Susan Lowell

Lavina Cumming has spent her entire first ten years of life on the Bosque Ranch in Arizona Territory, but when her mother dies, she must go live with her aunt in Santa Cruz, California. Armed with the Cumming family motto, “Courage,” Lavina...

Orlando Ricardo Menes

Drawing from history, ethnography, and anthropology, this collection speaks to Afro-Cuban heritage, magic, syncretic religion, and legacies of displacement and assimilation. These poems bring to life a distinct mesh of grit and beauty, sound and...

A Small Boat at the Bottom of the Sea
Young Readers
John Thomson

When twelve-year-old Donovan Sanger is sent to spend the summer with his Uncle Bix—an ex-con—and his Aunt Hattie, who is dying from lung cancer, he does not know what to expect. But before a week goes by, Donovan learns that his uncle’s criminal...

Joseph Bruchac

This colorful memoir traces the author’s path from “nature nut” to jock to writer, to his home at the end of Ridge Road near where he was raised by his grandparents. Just as essentially, it explores the links between his native Abenaki culture...

The impending death of his elderly father leads the narrator of this book-length poem back to the particular mystery of the sacramental self, the terror and the necessity of bearing witness. These powerful eulogies testify that the courage to die...

Emilie Buchwald, Pamela Fletcher, and Martha Roth

Originally published in 1993, this pioneering anthology is a powerful polemic for fundamental cultural change: the transformation of basic attitudes about power, gender, race, and sexuality. This edition updates statistics and essays, and adds...

Katrina Vandenberg

These poems capture the way events reverberate and repeat across time and place: between the seventeenth-century tulip trade and the twentieth-century AIDS epidemic, for example; or even between a housekeeper, a Vermeer painting, and that day’s...

Young Readers
Isabel Marvin

Thirteen-year-old Anna Kallio often thinks about the way life was before her mother died. When Anna and her brother realize how lonely their father is, they plot to find him a new wife, even trying to arrange a match with one of the “mail order”...

Sandra Birdsell

Born into a Mennonite community on the Russian steppes, Katya Vogt lives with her family on the large and wealthy Sudermann estate. Their religion, their traditions, and the luxurious green of their fields set them apart from the surrounding...

Wild Card Quilt
Janisse Ray

In these short pieces—sometimes hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking—the author chronicles her return to a hometown in need of repair, physical and otherwise, after seventeen years away. Syrup boils, alligator trapping, and fighting to save the...

Young Readers
Aileen Kilgore Henderson

It’s 1935, and the hard times of the Great Depression, it seems, are here to stay. One day, MaryJake’s whole family packs up in the car and leaves—and after a couple hours’ drive, MaryJake finds herself alone on the edge of the road. So begins...

Bill Holm

This collection reflects on the author’s time in Iceland (his ancestral home), his ongoing love affair with music, a friend’s death from AIDS, and his bold reactions to the world around him. Moving from Oregon forests to the deserts around Tuscon...

Gary Nabhan

Meditating on the successful marriage of science and poetry, these essays cover true stories about color-blind scientists, the knowledge stored in ancient Native American songs, the link between an Amy Clampitt poem and diabetes research, and a...